Williams Cay, Exumas 2007

Adventurers Welcome

We are a family of five who have made some unusual choices.  After a decade building a family, a home and business, we looked around and realized that we were busier than ever, but not really any happier.  The kids were acting more entitled every day.

So, after years of talk and research, we put the house on the market, sold nearly every possession and bought a boat, to the amazement of our parents and friends.

If your choices define who you are becoming, then we are weird or worse, depending on your perspective.  There’s also the chance that we’re wise, that breaking the mold and doing something you have always dreamed of is worth the cost.   It’s a chance, not a certainty.  Perhaps the only difference between bravery and stupidity lies in the outcome.


The Boat

A walkthrough tour of our sail cat.  See myths

Meet Cactus Buddy

Our best friend, always ready to do his part

You'll see our buddy everywhere: hiding in bushes, peeking out from behind unsuspecting portrait subjects, hiding among the antiques and otherwise appearing nearly everywhere.  Enquiring minds want to know...

Who is he? What is he?

What's up with the prickles?  Is his right eye failing?  Why does he wear a bandana?  Find the answers to all of these pressing questions.